Football Field renovation


The MURA Board is proud to announce the first of many projects to improve MURA’s athletic facilities at Lowry. This spring we will begin the renovations of the Lowry Youth Football field!

Not only will we be reseeding the field but we will be regrading, doig soil decompaction, as well as adding irrigation. This project has been due to Lowry Youth Football field being very uneven and compacted over the years. Not only that  but in its current state we have had significant trouble supporting sufficient grass growth.

With MURA doing the renovations to the field it will provide a safer playing surface for our young Bulldogs to play on as well as allowing the Youth Soccer program to utilize the field, bleachers, scoreboard and sound system.

We are excited for you, our Community, to see the results.

Be sure to check back on our website frequently for pictures of the renovation as it unfolds. We appreciate your continued support of MURA’s programs to provide recreation activities for the youth of our community.