Fall Letter to Parents

MURA Football, Soccer, and Cheer Parents,

As we begin the fall sports season we are again in need of assistance from parent volunteers who are
willing to help with our concession stand. We have a new Concessions Commissioner and Board
member, Lacey Reed, who did a great job this past spring operating our baseball/softball concession
stand. Lacey had help from a dedicated group of parent volunteers from softball and baseball who
assisted with the daily opening, closing and operations of the stand. They were very successful in
generating a lot of money that will go towards keeping your signup fees low and improving our
programs and facilities.

Currently we do not have any volunteers to assist with opening, closing and operating the concession
stand for fall sports. We can hire teens as workers but still must have some parent volunteers in order
to operate. If we can not get volunteers to help with this then we will not be able to open the
concession stand and will need to increase signup fees next year to offset lost revenue.

Please consider joining us and volunteering some time to make sure we can open the concession stand
this fall season. We will be holding a meeting in the coming weeks to organize volunteers and ensure
we have sufficient manpower to operate successfully.

If you would like to have your name added to the list to be notified of the meeting location and time please email Lacey at lacey.jeffery04@gmail.com and provide your contact number.
If you’d like to help or have an idea to share or just have questions about MURA please don’t hesitate
to contact me. My email is bjohns7778@gmail.com.

Brad Johns
MURA President